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Silk Wedding Flowers, including bridal hair flowers, bridal bouquets, wedding cake toppers, corsages, boutonnieres, toasting flutes and more from SilkFlowerWedding.COM are all eco friendly.

Welcome to Silk Flower Wedding & Accessories!

See what brides on the runway are doing these days with wedding hair flowers and accessories!

Wedding Hair Accessories

wedding hair accesory

Some of the most romantic finishing touches for brides include wedding hair flowers. One gorgeous flower or a more delicate cluster is a great way to match a bouquet and create an exotic style. Since real flowers can cause skin irritation, using silk flowers may be wise alternative. These will be much more resilient than real flowers as well.

Bridal Hair Flowers

bridal hair flowers

Often, bridal hair flowers for short hairstyles work better than large veils that overwhelm the face. They are unique accents that work perfectly for outdoor weddings. They bring a touch of elegance to the nuptials. Roses, daisies, orchids, and lilies are all larger flowers that work well in short hair. Smaller clusters of stephanotis and baby's breath make smart bridal hair accessories for updos as well. For added drama, many brides combine flowers with feathers or other crystal accents.

Silk Wedding Bouquet

silk wedding bouquet

No wedding is compete without flowers, especially the bride's bouquet. Although it is common to use natural flowers, it is becoming increasingly popular to choose silk wedding bouquet flowers. There is a much better selection because varieties are available throughout the year. When choosing real flowers, a bride is limited by the in-season offerings. Synthetic flowers are a wise choice for anyone with allergies as well. During the ceremony, the only reason for watery eyes will come from tears of joy.

Silk Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Silk flowers are much more versatile than their authentic counterparts. They never wilt and can withstand much more abuse. Thanks to this attribute, it is possible to add special touches without causing damage. For instance, silk flowers can be adorned with crystal accents to add a special touch of elegance an sparkle. Not only does this combination work in carry bouquets, it also appears beautiful in reception centerpieces.

A great flamboyant way to create interest in a silk bridal bouquet is to mix flowers with feathers. If the wedding theme is exotic and includes the color blue, using peacock feathers will make the bouquet pop. This works well for the entire wedding party.

When selecting and purchasing silk flowers, it is not necessary to visit a florist. It is simple to order silk wedding bouquets online. The large variety allows a bride to select a bouquet that fits individual personality and style. Brides receive stunning arrangements that are environmentally friendly and help preserve wedding memories for a lifetime.

Monogram Cake Toppers

monogram cake topper

Why Monogram Cake Toppers are Popular?

Many brides are choosing modern themes and decorations for weddings. Monogram cake toppers add to this modern appeal. Monograms are more than trendy. They are a symbol of the union between two people. Monogram toppers personalize cakes as well. The couple can choose a single last name initial or his and hers first name initials joined in the middle with a large last name initial.

Modern Cake Topper Options

As mentioned, monogram toppers are all the rage. For added bling, it is possible to select monogram wedding cake toppers with Swarovski crystals. Besides bringing a beautiful accent to the cake, this topper can be reused as a wall decoration in a couple's new home. In this way, it is a tangible remembrance of the special day. The crystals bring a fairytale elegance to the cake as well.

Heart monogram wedding cake toppers are great to show how much love is in the air. Usually, the heart surrounds the initials and provides a lovely frame. Nothing makes a cake look more delicious.


Wedding Cake Toppers

wedding cake topper

Since the wedding cake plays an essential role in the reception, it is important to find the perfect cake topper. The traditional bride and groom figures are classic but may not fit with individual personality. Luckily, there are other options. It is always special to inject a custom feel into the cake decoration.
Wedding cake toppers personalized with names or initials make the couple feel special. Some of the most popular choices include heart designs and etched acrylic plaques. Wedding cake toppers hearts are timeless symbols of love. Many of the selections can be displayed after the wedding is over, so memories are never far away.

Matching Wedding Accessory Sets: Toasting Flutes, Guest Books, Guest Book Pens, Ring Bearer Pillow, Garter and Flower Girl Basket all MATCHING!

guest book with match assessories

As the flower girl walks down the aisle, it is essential for her to carry a high quality basket. Even though this accessory is small, an inferior basket will detract from the event. Fortunately, we carry a wide assortment of high quality baskets and pillows that come in matching sets. Each wedding theme and style is different, so a flower girl basket and pillow set should blend with the scenery. Select a flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow with intricate decoration or a more simplistic and elegant satin design. When a couple is planning a wedding by the ocean, we offer beach themed flower girl baskets that complement the atmosphere. No matter the location, we have something that will work well.

Cake Knife & Servers Sets

toasting flutes

Wedding cake server set personalized designs add a custom touch to any reception. Select a simple metal design or a fancier set with intricate patterns and embellishments. A wedding cake server set with Swarovski crystals brings a spectacular elegance to a wedding and appears beautiful in cake cutting photos. If the reception is taking place at the beach, we offer serving sets with surf and sand ornamentation as well. Whether a couple is trying to match wedding colors or stick to a particular theme, we will have a unique server set that makes a statement. Engrave names, dates, initials, or special messages on a wedding cake server set silver background. All letters will be easy to read and will create a keepsake that brings back precious memories.

Guest Books

guest book



Bouquet Jewelry & Beads, Accents with Swarovski Crystals

bouquet jewelry

Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

A number of accessories are needed for a wedding. As part of the ceremony, it is important to have a lovely flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow, so the children make it down the aisle in style. These can be purchased separately or in a matched set. Often, ring bearer pillow and guest book sets are grouped together, so everything remains coordinated. Choose a basic design or a more ornate pattern that blends with the wedding colors. For the reception, the bride and groom will want a fancy wedding cake serving set and flutes for the first toast. Ornate metal or crystal servers are quite popular. Matching flutes complete the reception. They offer a sophisticated elegance that will be captured in all the wedding photography. While choosing wedding accessories, we are sure to carry items that fit a couple's individual personality.

Satin Wedding Bouquets

satiin wedding bouquet

Tussy Mussy & Boutonniere Pins

tussy mussy


Ring Bearer Pillow

beach themed ring bearer pillow

During a wedding ceremony, a couple exchanges vows and rings as a symbol of everlasting love. It is important to deliver these rings on the perfect ring bearer pillow. For a personalized touch, choose a simple satin pillow with beads and lace or a brightly colored pillow with attention grabbing details. To make your wedding perfect, we offer a wide assortment of matching ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket sets. Although most wedding ceremonies take place in churches, some couples choose special locations to exchange vows. Ocean lovers will appreciate our ring bearer pillow beach wedding accessory options. For instance, select a pillow accented with crystal encrusted starfish for your beach theme. Paying attention to details on small accessories will set your wedding day apart from the rest.

Wedding Wreaths

wedding wreath

rose petals

Rose Petals

Marriage Certificates

marriage certificate

Wedding Candelabra

Candleabra Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding Garland

wedding garland

Christmas Wedding Ornaments

wedding christmas ornanment


Something Blue

somethingblue and garters